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2in Presssure Relief Valve set at 18 PSI

Item # 2180/18

2"  Dixon bayco pressure relief valve set to relieve at 18 PSI.  The relief valve features a 2" NPT connection port and is specifically designed for a tractor mounted blowers. Bulk.  The 2182/18 air relief valve has a temperature compensated pressure relief setting to accommodate the high temperatures and dynamic air produced by your truck mounted blower. If a system blockage were to occur the valve will vent to atmosphere once the valve pressure setting is reached.


 The valve s features a high relieving capacity which varies between 800 SCFM and 1700 SCFM depending upon the chosen set pressure.
Type: Spring Loaded 
Relief Setting: 18.0 PSIG
Connection Size: 2" NPT 
Construction Material: Aluminum
Component Material: White Food Grade Silicon 
Relieving Capacity: 500 to 950 SCFM 
Set Pressure Tolerance: +3/0 PSI 
NPT Thread: Female
Thread Size: 2" 
Available with 2 set pressure tolerances:
• 2180/3180 series have a +3/-0 set pressure tolerance (valve opens at set pressure plus 3 PSI)
• A2180/A3180 series have a +1/-0 set pressure tolerance (valve opens at set pressure plus 1 PSI) 
• 2180/A2180 are available with 2" male or female NPT, cam and groove adapter or grooved pipe connections.
• 3180/A3180 are available only with 3" female NPT connections
Materials: Bayloy vent cowl with aluminum upper, bronze poppet with white food grade silicone diaphragm in the 2180/A2180, red silicone diaphragm in the 3180/A3180


** Availiable in many diffrent pressure settings**

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