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Pneuclean 5 Inch Stainless Steel Inlet Filter

Item # Pneuclean5

Stainless steel inlet filter for dry bulk truck blowers. 4x5" Rubber hump hose connector included with filter kit. Suitable for pressure or vacuum service on T5CDL12LT5CDL9L, MD T850, Drum D807 truck blowers.

Stainless steel inlet filter for dry bulk truck blower applications. Complete 304 stainless steel construction with built in silencer and 4" vac cam adapter for vacuum applications.  Inlet filter can be connected to 3" ,4" & 5" blower intake ports using the 5" x  4" rubber hump hose connector which inlcuded with filter kit. Suitable for pressure or vacuum service on T5CDL12LT5CDL9L, MD T850, Drum D807 truck blowers.
PneuClean 5 is a PneuPro Stainless Steel Inlet Filter with 5" elbow for pressure or vacuum service. Filter includes vac cam adapter, Hump Hose, & mounting straps

Exclusive Features:

· Inlet Silencer: Unique inlet silencer chamber  built in to reduce blower intake noise.

· Vacuum Relief Valve Mount: 2” MNPT mount for optional vacuum relief valve for use in vacuum applications. 

· Multiple Sizes: available with a 4” or  5” intake elbow to reduce inlet restriction.

Oversized Filter Element: Inlet filters are shipped with an over sized filter element to provide enhanced air filtration & air flow. The filter housing also accepts common filter elements typically used on comparable inlet filters to allow  filter element options to suit your specific needs 
 Standard Features & Components:
·  Polished 304 Stainless Steel Construction
·  Fully welded heavy duty  long lasting design
·  Built in silencer to decrease intake blower noise
·  2” MNPT connection for vacuum relief valve*
·  Oversized filter element for improved filtration
·  1/4” boss for optional filter restriction indicator*
·  (2) Mounting brackets and hardware included
·  Hump hose connector
·  Constructed of food grade materials
·  Simplicity in design, removable screen lid using quick flex latches allows driver easy    access to the 4” Camlock.


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