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Blocker & Wallace PD Blower Repair Services

Blocker & Wallace Service LLC has over 100 years of combined experience in blower repairs on all major brands including  Gardner DenverCycloBlower, Roots, Sutorbilt and many more. We  will ensure the highest quality repair and back it with a one year warranty. Blocker & Wallace Service takes pride in every repair and has built a reputation for high quality repairs at an economical cost.  We are honored to be  the  number one Gardner Denver repair facility of choice for the some largest corporations in the world  and numerous  small scale  bulk transport and carpet cleaning companies. Our  blower evaluation process begins with a meticulous inspection by a factory trained technician utilizing cutting edge technology and various proprietary tools.
Blocker & Wallace Service performs FREE blower evaluations including a detailed blower inspection & a detailed formal repair quote with failure analysis and damaged sustained. All rebuilt equipment receives a 1 year warranty from build date*.
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PD Blower & Vacuum Pump Repair Process:

Tear Down & Blower Evaluation:
Blower tear down and evaluations are performed by factory trained technicians with no charge to the customer.

Detailed Repair Quote:
We provide a formal detailed quote including a cause of failure and proof of  damaged sustained with description and photos of damaged parts. We are able to estimate the unit's performance if rebuilt and provide recommendations on system changes that can prevent future failures.
PD Blower Cleaning:
Upon repair quote approval, the entire unit will be thoroughly cleaned of all foreign contaminants in our separate cleaning facility by way of sandblasting, polishing, & provide rust prevention coatings in critical areas after the cleaning process is completed. 
Dynamically Balanced Rotors:
All rotors are dynamically balanced on our computerized dynamic balancing machine to insure proper performance. Most rebuild centers don't have the sophisticated equipment needed to check for rotor balance which is necessary to insure prolonged blower life & bearing life. 
Machining capabilities:  
With our own in-house machine shop we can insure quality & quick turnaround time on machines that may be required during the rebuild process.
              Machine Shop Equipment:
              Multiple CNC lathes 
              CNC Vertical and Horizontal End Mills
              Resurfacing machines
              Computerized dynamic balancing machine
              Advanced welding equipment
Rebuild / Assembly Process:
All PD blowers and vacuum pumps are rebuilt by one of our many factory trained technicians using proprietary tools and methods only available at Blocker & Wallace.
All units undergo rigorous testing in our state of the  art testing station. Blowers are tested for  at least one hour under simulated load at their maximum operating limitations to insure proper operation and performance.
        Testing Includes evaluation and recording of:
              - Discharge air temperatures
              - Discharge pressures produced at multiple time intervals
              - Units overall operating temperature
              - Bearing  vibration analysis
              - Motor & amp draw
              - Visual inspections of all seals and critical components
Final Unit preparation for shipment:
All units will be prepped with all necessary decals, serial number tags & painted industrial metallic grey. Units will be adequately palletized & protected for safe shipment.
See Second page for Parts that are included in a standard repair.
Standard Repairs Include:
·   Factory supplied overhaul kit: Complete kit includes, bearings, seals, gaskets, shaft spacers, & shims.
·   New oil sight gauges
·   New oil sump breathers
·   New lubrication fittings
·   Miscellaneous new bolts not included in the factory overhaul kit
·   Cleaning: Sandblasting & polishing
·   Computerized dynamic rotor balancing
·   Assembly by a Factory trained technician
·   Testing & Diagnostics under simulated load
·   Prep, paint, & decals
·   Warranty: One Year
  **Note: Standard repairs do not include any machine work that is determined in the blower tear down process that might be necessary / required to insure the unit is re- built to the manufactures specifications. The detailed repair quote will depict and explain any possible machine work that may be required any will be added to the standard repair cost.

Common PD Blower Maintenance Guides

Expensive repairs on your blower can be easily avoided by routine maintenance of your equipment. Our experts at Blocker and Wallace have put together guides on common installation and maintenance tips below:


PD Blower & Vacuum Pump Repair Services are provided for Sutorbilt Legend, Cycloblower, Duroflow, Heliflow, TriFlow, Drum, Wittig, Howden Roots, MD Tuthill, Lamson and Hoffman Centrifugal.


Why Choose Blocker & Wallace Service LLC

Factory Trained Technicians & Experience:
Blowers are rebuilt & tested by one of our many experienced factory trained technicians. With over 100 years of combined experience in Gardner Denver blower repairs &     sales of pneumatic conveying equipment we can insure the highest quality repair and back it with a one year warranty.
Used in- spec replacement parts inventory:
Blocker & Wallace has a additional 17,000 sq.ft. facility that houses thousands of used in spec blower parts of all types for most major blower brands including Gardner Denver, Roots, CycloBlower, SutorBilt, and Tuthill.  Our availability of used parts for  blower repairs provides your  company an economical alternative to the typical options of having to purchase factory  parts or replacing the complete blower due to a damaged non repairable main component. Where most rebuild centers would deem a  blower non-repairable due to the cost of factory new parts and or   machine work costs associated with the repair, we can rebuild your equipment at an economical cost with used in spec parts without effecting warranty or performance. 
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** NOTICE: Unresolved Equipment for repair that is not approved for rebuild or replaced with a new or remanufactured unit may incur a tear down / inspection fee after 90 days.