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PD Blower Air Filter Elements

Blocker and Wallace provides replacement filter elements and pre-cleaner wrap sleeves to protect and maintain your PD blowers and other pneumatic conveying components. We offer a variety of filter element brands including Stoddard, Solberg, Universal and PneuPro, with various media types for pressure or vacuum service applications.

Effective air filtration is essential for maximizing life and performance of PD blowers and centrifugal pumps. Positive displacement blowers typically used in air conveying systems cannot tolerate the introduction foreign particles like an axial fan because of having very close internal tolerances between rotating and fixed components. It’s important for your PD blower air filter to be properly sized and made of the best materials for your PD blower application. Blocker and Wallace engineers will personally work with you and select the optimum filter that will provided maximum particle filtration and  prevent PD blower failures. Moreover, clogged air filters can cause PD blowers to overheat because of the limited airflow which can cause premature blower failure.

Brands / Manufactures:         
- Solberg
- Universal Silencer 
- Stoddard filtration
- Elmo Rietchle
- Donaldson
- Gardner Denver

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The Importance of Replacement Air Blower Filters

The Importance of Replacement Air Blower Filters

Air blower filters are easy to overlook, but they are critical components for positive displacement blowers. The air filter element protects the blower's internal components from dirt, dust, debris, and other contaminants that can cause damage. If these contaminants get inside the blower, they can cause scratches or wear down the rotor and housing, reducing lifespan and efficiency.

Additionally, an unfiltered air intake can force the blower to work harder to move the same volume of air. Along with reduced efficiency, poor filtration results in lower peak performance and the potential for failure caused by excessive heat or wear.

Get Air Filter Elements From Today's Leading Brands

When it comes to your positive displacement blower, air filters are the last thing you want to mess around with. At Blocker & Wallace, we carry a large selection of air blower filter elements from some of today's best brands. Choose the best blower filter elements for your application and get them shipped directly to you. The list of brands we carry includes:

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Air Filter Element Products

Learn more about our air filter element products with some of our frequently asked questions. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or to speak with an expert regarding our blower packages or repair services.


How do I Clean a Blower Air Filter?

Depending on your application, some blower air filter elements can not be cleaned and must be replaced. If your blower filter can be cleaned, first you need to remove it from the housing. Then, tap the filter to shake out any loose debris. Use compressed air to remove contaminants from the filter. Work from one side of the blower filter to the other. When you're done, reinstall the air filter into the blower housing.


Does Blocker & Wallace Offer a Warranty on Blower Filters?

Our products are new-in-box and come with a standard manufacturer's warranty. All returns are subject to our return policy guidelines. Contact us for more details regarding our replacement filter element products.


How Often Should I Clean or Replace my Blower Air Filter?

If you notice that your PD blower is operating less efficiently or having to work harder to bring in air, that means you should have changed your blower filter a while ago. A good rule of thumb is to monitor your pressure gauge and note your levels when using a new filter. If the pressure changes by 10" w.c. then consider changing the blower filter. Visually inspect the filter element and clean or replace it as needed.

Order New Air Blower Filters Today

For the best parts and service, buy air filter elements from Blocker & Wallace. High-quality air filters protect your blower from damage and ensure efficient operation. With a wide range of air filter element products available, you can choose the right filter for your positive displacement blower. Order your air blower filters from Blocker & Wallace today.

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