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RISY-6 6" Flanged Silencer Intake or Discharge

Item # RISY-6 54-206-AA

The 6" RISY-6 and SD-6 are absorptive type silencers with 6" flange connection on both ends. The silencer is designed for intake or discharge applications on  PD blowers and vacuum pumps.  The RISY and SDY silencers use an internal noise absorption material and baffle tubes to provide maximum noise reduction.
Click here to view the universal RISY silencer drawing. 
Inlet Flow Rating: 1080 CFM
Maximum Temperature: 325 °F
Overall Length: 64in
Weight: 135 lbs   

The 6" Flanged Universal silencer features internal acoustic packing and a double wall shell to provide maximum noise reduction and durability.  The RISY series silencer is considered is a low side outlet silencer and can be mounted in various positions. 
Universal RISY and SDY silencers can be used on either the inlet or discharge side of your PD blower and should be located as close as possible to the blower connections for optimum noise reduction.
Universal silencers are shipped with the manufacturer’s standard blue rust primer and maybe finish painted in the field if desired.
Inlet Flow Rating: 1080 CFM
Connection size: 6" Flange  
The standard  Y dimension for the RISY/SDY-4 is 9″. Larger dimensions are available for an additional charge and extended lead time.  
SILENCER TYPE: Chamber Absorptive
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