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STP125 Stainless Steel Liquid Pump

Item # 707092200
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STP125 Stainless Steel Liquid Pump
Liquid Pump, Food, STP 125

Food-Grade Cargo Pump



Drum stainless steel pump specifically designed for the transfer of food-grade products from tank trailers.  The new seal design offers the option of a double lip, mechanical seal or a 3A-approved O-ring seal.

Maximum flowrate: 1061 l/min (280 USG/min); maximum pressure: 10 bar (145 psi).


Usually provided as a basic machine complete with flange pack.
Other ancillaries added according to the application from the accessories list.

Design Advantages

  • ·         Multiple configurations - O ring, lipseal or mechanical seal with many port options - Pumps can be configured for any market and liquid

    ·         Clean In Place (CIP) pump and relief valve. Design is easy to clean and allows vehicles and pumps to be as versatile as possible

    ·         Optimised design - Low noise, and able to deliver viscous products

    ·         Compact and flexible - Side bottom and top mounting provides maximum installation flexibility simply on the chassis or within complex systems

    ·         Tripple roller bearing allows discharge pressures at up to 10 bar g

    ·         Multiple drive options including direct, hydraulic, electric and diesel engine

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