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T5CDL13LX Remanufactured Truck Blower

Item # T5CDL13LX
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Our Remanufactured T5CDL13LX CycloBlower Truck Blower is a cost effective solution for replacing an old unit. These refurbished PD blowers provide the same superior performance and dependability as a brand new CycloBlower Truck Blower with a smooth running helical rotor design. A proven low-cost solution in the frac, sand, powder, cement and granule industries; this blower is perfect for a variety of applications. Complete your pneumatic trailer today with a Gardner Denver Truck Blower. For more information view our product description.
NOTE: A core charge of: $3,521 will be added to your total invoice if a core is not returned to the factory upon an agreed date.

 T5CDL13L Features:
 - Suitable for pressure discharge and vacuum loading applications
 - Compact light weight design
 - Available with mechanical, diesel, hydraulic engine and electric drive
 - Saves almost two gallons of fuel per delivery
 - The Oil free design eliminates contamination of materials
 - High capacity
 - Fusible plug that inhibits overheating
 - Efficient, shock-free compression
 - Low noise emissions
- Ideal blower For FRAC SAND unloading  
Typical applications:
 - Frac sand equipment
 - Flour
 - Plastic pellets
 - Fly ash
 - Salt
 - Powders and pulverants
 - Frac
 - Silica sand
 - Dolomite
 - Pulverized lime stone
 - Pressure or vacuum loading
 - Granules
 - Cement

Backed by a 12 / 18 Month Warranty!

If you have any questions regarding our T5CDL13L CycloBlower Truck Blower please contact us today!

Designed exclusively for off loading dry products in the tank-truck markets.

The Maximum flow and pressure listed in the "Specs/Tech Info" section. Actual performance may vary based on system design, environment, and maintenance.
T5CDL13LX Cyclblowers Provide:
- Pressures to 18 psig  (20.0 PSIG INT.)
- Vacuum to 17" Hg
- 2000 RPM
- Max CFM: 825
Port Sizes:
Inlet: 4" npt 
Outlet: 4" npt
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Blocker & Wallace Service LLC has been a leading Gardner Denver Factory Authorized Distributor, Repair, & Warranty Center for over 27 years. We have a over 100 years of combined experience in the Pneumatic conveying Industry specializing in new & remanufactured PD blower sales, system design, consulting, blower packaging & blower repair. We have been recognized by Gardner Denver as a top distributor and have received multiple distributor achievement awards on sales and service since 1983.   We are on of the only distributors authorized to market and repair the majority of PD blower lines owned or operated by Gardner Denver.


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