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T5CDL9L Truck Blower

Item # T5CDL9L
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T5CDL9L CycloBlower Transport Series Truck Blower has a helical screw design capable of a wide range of flows for loading and discharging dry bulk materials at continuous pressures. The dynamically balanced rotors of this truck blower also are manufactured to offer maximum efficiency at a low noise level. The T5CDL9L is an efficient blower that requires low maintenance and has contaminant free discharge, this is the blower for you. For more information view our product description.
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T5CDL9L Cycloblower Features:

T5CDL9L Cycloblower
  • Available with mechanical, diesel, hydraulic engine and electric drive
  • Efficient and shock-free compression
  • Works with vacuum loading and pressure discharge applications
  • Compact lightweight design
  • High capacity
  • Low noise emissions
  • The oil free design eliminates contamination of materials and the environment
  • Fusible plug that prevents overheating
  • Saves around two gallons of fuel per delivery compared to traditional blowers
Typical Applications:  
 - Granules
 - Frac
 - Silica sand
 - Flour
 - Powders & pulverants
 - Plastic pellets
 - Pressure or vacuum loading
 - Cement
 - Fly ash
  - Salt
  - Dolomite
  - Pulverized lime stone

Backed by a 12 / 18 Month Warranty!

If you have any questions regarding the features of the T5CDL9L CycloBlower Truck Blower please contact us today!

Our truck blowers are designed for off loading dry products in the tank-truck markets. The maximum flow and pressure is listed in the "Specs/Tech Info" section. Actual performance may vary based on system design, environment, and maintenance.
T5CDL9L Cycloblowers Provide:
- Pressures to 18 psig
- Vacuum to 17" Hg
- Max CFM: 595
- 2000 RPM
Port Sizes:
Inlet: 3" npt 
Outlet: 3" npt
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