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Pneumatic Truck Blowers and Parts

Blocker & Wallace Service LLC is a leading distributor of mobile transport pneumatic blowers, serving the dry bulk and frac sand industry for over 35 years. We strive to provide a wide range of truck blowers and pneumatic blower parts from the leading manufacturer to suit your specific product conveying needs. Whether you work with cement, powders, pebbles, sand or granular substances, our top-rated truck blowers are designed with your industry in mind.

Blocker & Wallace is an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, repair and warranty center for pneumatic blowers, including T5CDL Series Truck Blowers, Drum Units, and the all-new CycloSaver. We also carry an extensive line of pneumatic trailer parts, including check valves, fittings, mounting kits and more. With one of the broadest product offerings in the business, you can trust Blocker & Wallace to provide the best equipment for any application.

T5CDL Series:
  • D807
  • D907
  • HPD450
  • E490
  • SV5
  • SV8

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Find Your New Pneumatic Truck Blower at Blocker & Wallace

Find Your New Pneumatic Truck Blower at Blocker & Wallace

We offer an extensive range of dry bulk pneumatic blowers and pneumatic trailer parts designed to safely discharge your unique materials at optimal rates. Using air from a truck blower to discharge dry particles is the most efficient and economical way to transport various materials. Pneumatic trailer blowers use a combination of air and pressure to move dry bulk materials through a pipe or line from one area to another. By controlling the vacuum or blowing pressure inside the lines, truck blower systems from Block & Wallace can successfully and reliably transport materials to a collection receptacle.

The Gardner Denver truck blowers for sale at Blocker & Wallace are designed to offer maximum flexibility for your entire fleet. Whether you'd like a smaller carbon footprint, higher airflow or lower maintenance costs, we have a pneumatic blower to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pneumatic Blower for Semi-Trucks

At Blocker & Wallace, we're proud to carry a vast selection of top-rated pneumatic blowers for semi-trucks and trailers. If you need more information about our products before buying, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.


What Is a Blower on a Semi-Truck?

A pneumatic blower for semi-trucks provides a high and wide range of flows for loading and discharging dry bulk products. Dry bulk goods are shipped in large amounts and not packaged or transported the same way as container transport.


How Do You Unload a Dry Bulk Tanker?

You can unload a dry bulk tanker with a pneumatic trailer blower in five steps:

  1. Park the tank truck at the corresponding position of the collection receptacle and position the discharge hose level, then connect the quick connector of the discharge hose to the transport pipeline joint and tighten it firmly.
  2. Close the top pressure relief valve, secondary blow valve and discharge valve, then check whether the front and rear intake valves are open.
  3. Start your diesel engine or power take-off to drive the air compressor to inflate the tank.
  4. When the pressure gauge reaches the correct level, open the secondary blow valve, unblock the pipeline and open the discharge valve.
  5. Once the pressure drops, cut the power, stop the air compressor, close the secondary blow valve and open the tank top pressure relief valve to complete the unload.

How Much Weight Can a Bulk Truck Carry?

Most bulk pneumatic trailers and truck blowers transporting dry bulk goods limit the maximum laden weight to 80,000 lbs. Tandem axle trailers limit each axle to 34,000 lbs.

Applications Suited for Our Pneumatic Truck Blowers

The pneumatic truck blowers for sale at Blocker & Wallace can be configured to operate with peak efficiency within any dry bulk application. Our pneumatic trailer blower products are designed exclusively for off-loading dry products in the tank truck market. Applications include:

  • Pulverants/Powders: Cement, Lime, Fly Ash & Flour
  • Granules: Sugar, Sand, Salt & Pulverized Limestone
  • Pebbles: Limestone, Plastic Pellets, Rock Salt & Dolomite
  • Feeds: Corn, Rice, Pelletized Feed, Soy Beans & Oats
  • Irregulars: Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Dry Bulk Chemicals & Hydrated Lime

Lubricating Your Pneumatic Trailer Parts

If you're looking for tips to keep your pneumatic trailer parts well-maintained and lubricated, check out this short video from Blocker & Wallace.

Frac Sand Truck Blower Equipment

One of the most common applications for industrial truck blower equipment is as a sand blower for the frac sand industry. Whether you're conveying sand or other granular materials (pebbles, cement, etc.), we have a pneumatic blower product that will fit your needs. We take pride in offering the best sand blower products priced competitively. Not having the proper equipment can cost your business, so we emphasize fulfilling your order as quickly as possible.

Pneumatic Trailer Parts

Blocker & Wallace offers plenty of replacement pneumatic trailer parts along with our complete systems to make maintenance and repair more straightforward than ever. We have what you need at a great price, including timing gears, bearings and shims, pressure relief valves and more. We stock a complete line of all pneumatic blower parts from top to bottom of your trailer.

Purchase Your Pneumatic Blowers From Blocker & Wallace Today

Finding the right truck blower for sale at Blocker & Wallace is critical to your operation. Luckily, we have everything you need to ensure durability, reliability and complete efficiency every time you load and unload your tank-truck. If you have any questions about our pneumatic blowers, feel free to contact us anytime. A team member will give you all the support and advice you need.

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