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Cycloblower H E

The New CycloBlower H.E features best-in-class energy efficiency and a new game-changing patented design. The CycloBlower H. E provides industry leading performance with pressures up to 36 psi, 22 inHg, 2650 cfm. Each unit is built with Best-of-the-Best components and has the ability to retrofit your existing package or allow you to build a package how you want it. The new CycloBlower allows maximum performance without maxing out your budget. For more information please contact a Blocker & Wallace service representative today. 
 The CycloBlower H.E. models involve a new 3x5 helical screw profile which is designed for significant energy savings and quick return on investment.
Innovation Working To Save You Money!
In many comparable applications, the CycloBlower operates more efficiently than other straight lobe blowers. By requiring less brake horsepower  energy operating cost can be realized and greatly reduced.
The Leader the PD blower Design  Industry  
  • An all new patented 3x5 Helical screw rotor Profile allows for smooth efficient operation. 
  • Food Grade PTFE coated rotors are standard on all models. 
Replace your existing Positive Displacement Cycloblower with the all new CycloBlower HE.
The use of three separate housings versions with custom discharge ports (RC1, RC2 and RC3) allow each size to cover the performance range of the original CycloBlower with outstanding efficiency. 
CycloBlower H.E.   //   Replaces    //  Original CycloBlower
160CDL480A          -              7CDL11  & 7CDL14  & 7CDL17
200CDL600A          -              9CDL13  & 9CDL18  &  9CDL23
250CDL750A          -             11CDL23  & 11CDL27  & 11CDL31 
Click here to view the CycloBlower HE Brochure. 
Click here to learn about the retrofit process when replacing your existing CycloBlower with the new more efficient CycloBlower HE  

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