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160CDL480 RC2 DS CycloBlower HE

Item # 160CDL480 RC2 DS
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The CycloBlower HE 160CDL480 RC2 blower was designed to provide medium pressures at an optimal; efficiency level.  The 160CDL480 RC2 is capable of producing discharge pressures up to 24 PSI.  The blower features dual splash lubrication and utilizes an oil cooling and conditioning system which is included for systems operating above 20 PSI.

The Cycloblower HE is the only rotary screw bare blower on the market that produces pressures up to 36 PSI while being more efficient than a standard straight lobe blower. The HE 160CDL480 RC1 is an ideal pump for cement applications, wastewater treatment plants, and pneumatic conveying.  

The CycloBlower HE has three discharge port options to optimize efficiencies based on your specific discharge pressure. 

The RC1 is for low pressure applications up to 15.0 PSI
The RC2 is designed for Medium pressures up to 24.0 PSI  
The RC3 is designed for high pressures up to 36.0 PSI  

All applications with performance requirements above 20 PSI or 18” HG require the force feed lubrication system. The new force feed lubrication system maintains optimum oil temperature, monitors the oil condition and injects oil in critical locations to optimize performance. 

Innovative Design Features 
PTFE coated rotors is standard to minimizes air loss and is suitable for food grade applications. 
Dual Splash oil lubrication with a eccentric oil slinger. The Unique oil slinger reduces power requirements saving energy. 
Axial 4 point angular contact bearings for absolute strength 
Helical cut timing gears for smooth and quiet operation. 
rings seals used throughout, no gaskets 
External Inpro drive seals provided a contactless no wearing seal.
Piston ring air seals provided leak free operation 
Exclusive split-cylinder design matches performance to your application requirements

It’s all about options and the CycloBlower HE delivers just that.

Force Feed Lubrication System 

Ensures Cool Oil Temperature and Distribution
Optional for Applications up to 20 psi
Required for Applications Greater than 20 psi

Mechanical Seals
For Gas Applications
Interchangeable with Inpro/Seal

RTD Ports & Probes
Designed to Ensure Precise and Accurate Bearing Temperature Measurements

Installation Flexibility and configuration options 
Top and Bottom Discharge Orientations
3 and 4 Mounting Foot Configurations Available
ANSI or Metric Flanges
 Inlet Port Flange Size:10”
Discharge Port Flange Size: 8”  
Port Flange Type: ANSI 125# FF
Weight: 1,150 Lbs.
Optional Adders: 
• Metric flanges are available. 
• 4 point mounting feet adder
• Mechanical seals 
• RTD monitors 
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