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Sutorbilt Blowers & Vacuum Pumps

Gardner Denver Sutorbilt blowers and vacuum pumps have a long history in the pneumatic conveying industry and can be found successfully installed in manufacturing and waste-water treatment facilities around the world. The Sutorbilt line of rotary positive displacement lobe blowers and vacuum pumps is the result of extensive research in the design, manufacture and support of industrial blower equipment. Sutorbilt blowers are at the heart of an ever-expanding variety of air solutions working every minute of every day around the globe. With a product-line offer of over 100 machines, Sutorbilt positive displacement blowers can provide a reliable, durable and efficient solution to your air demand needs. Shop Blocker & Wallace for all your Sutorbilt vacuum pumps and blowers.

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Discover Sutorbilt Blowers From Blocker and Wallace

Discover Sutorbilt Blowers From Blocker and Wallace

Looking for a Gardner Denver Sutorbilt blower to move air through your industrial application? Blocker & Wallace has the Sutorbilt blowers and Sutorbilt vacuum pumps you need. Whether you are looking for Sutorbilt Legend, Sutorbilt 4500, Sutorbilt 8000 or other Sutorbilt blowers and vacuum pumps, Blocker & Wallace is your go-to source. For more than 35 years, we have been an authorized Gardner Denver distributor, repair and warranty center, so you can trust us for all your Gardner Denver blower needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gardner Denver Sutorbilt Blowers

Before you buy a Sutorbilt blower, you may have some questions. We want to help you understand how Sutorbilt blowers can make a difference, so we have answered some of the most common questions we hear from customers below.


How Much Oil Is Needed for a Sutorbilt Legend Blower?

The amount of oil needed to change the oil in a Sutorbilt Legend blower varies from model to model. One key point to keep in mind no matter what model you use is that the proper oil level in your oil sump can be determined by using the oil sight glass or oil level plug. Using these indicators will help you ensure that you don't overfill your blower.


What Do Sutorbilt Model Numbers Mean?

Like many industrial parts, the model number of a Sutorbilt blower is used to provide specific information about the size or characteristics of that specific blower or vacuum pump. The model number can be found printed on a metal nameplate on the bottom of the blower. Gardner Denver model numbers contain seven digits, with each number indicating conveying information including gear diameter, case length, configuration and design series.


What Tips Do You Have for How to Change the Oil in a Sutorbilt Legend Blower?

It is simple to change the oil in your Sutorbilt Legend blower. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Remove the plug at the bottom of the blower.
  2. Drain your old oil.
  3. Replace the drain plug and remove the plug on the side closest to the bottom drain.
  4. Remove the breather from the top of the blower and add oil until it begins to leak out the side drain plug.
  5. Replace both plugs.

Applications for the Sutorbilt Blower Line

The Sutorbilt blowers for sale at Blocker & Wallace can be configured to operate within a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Aquaculture: Aeration
  • Cement & Lime: Fluidization & Conveying
  • Chemical: Vacuum Processing & Conveying
  • Coal Bed/Landfill: Methane Gas Recovery
  • Dairy: Automated Milking
  • Dry Bulk Hauling Trailer: Unloading & Aeration
  • Environmental Services: Sewer Cleaning
  • Industrial: Material Vacuuming
  • Milling & Baking: Blending & Conveying
  • Wastewater: Aeration & Backwashing
  • Oil & Gas: Gas Collection & Sparging 
  • Process Gas: Gas Boosting
  • Power Generation: Fly Ash Conveying Aeration
  • Pulp & Paper: Chip Conveying & Process 
  • Resin & Plastic: Processing & Conveying
  • Soil Remediation: Vacuum Extraction 

Gardner Denver Sutorbilt PD Blowers For Your Business

Blocker & Wallace offers a wide range of Gardner Denver PD blowers and vacuum pumps. You can see a sampling of them in this short video.

Sutorbilt PD Blowers

PD blowers from Sutorbilt move air through your industrial applications. Blocker & Wallace can help you find the right Sutorbilt blowers for your business with a variety of types of blowers, including:

  • Straight bi-lobe blowers
  • Straight tri-lobe blowers
  • Twisted tri-lobe blowers
  • Helical screw blowers
  • Blower packages

Sutorbilt Blower Replacement Parts

Blocker & Wallace offers a wide range of replacement Sutorbilt blower replacement parts and repair kits along with our blower packages to make maintenance and repair simpler than ever. We have the parts you need at a great price.

Shop for Sutorbilt Blowers From Blocker & Wallace

At Blocker & Wallace, we know that finding the right Sutorbilt blowers for sale at Blocker & Wallace is key to your business operations. You can count on the experienced Blocker & Wallace team to make sure you find the Sutorbilt blower you need for your application. If you have any questions about our Gardner Denver Sutorbilt blowers, please feel free to contact us anytime. One of our team members will be happy to give you all the support and advice you need.

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