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Should You Repair or Replace Your Positive Displacement Blower?

Your Positive Displacement Blower is a piece of machinery that you will have to maintain fairly frequently to keep it running smoothly.  We know how difficult it can be for your business operations when a failure occurs with a piece of machinery, causing costly delays.  Today we are going to discuss some common issues you may run into with your PD blower, and some simple maintenance and upkeep that you can do to prevent equipment failure.

Common Issues With Positive Displacement Blowers

The most common cases of failure occur when a Positive Displacement Blower does not have enough lubricating oil, or the oil is not replaced frequently enough.  While it may seem excessive, oil should be changed every 500-1000 hours of operation.  Waiting too much longer will cause premature wear on the gears. It does not take much to damage the gears and bearings in these machines, so this is a rule you will want to make sure to follow.  Once you notice visible signs of damage on the teeth of the gears, don’t just ignore it.  Shelling out the cash to keep up on repair work as it is needed is far better than having to replace an expensive piece of machinery, all because of an internal part that wore out and failed.  Here’s more on oil lubrication maintenance tips.

Make sure that you pick a PD blower that can handle the pressure requirements of the job you are using it for.  If the relief valve on your machine is insufficient, you run the risk of warping the rotors, which can cause serious damage if contact is made with other parts of the machine.  In the cases where this happens, you are going to have a messy and costly replacement job on your hands. Contact us if you are unsure what the pressure requirements will be for your business needs.  

Dirt is inevitably going to accumulate over time as your PD blower runs.  As it builds up, it can cause excess drag on the moving bearings and gears.  If left unchecked for too long, this can lead to failures that require replacement. If you notice that your blower is very noisy as it runs, or if it is drawing unusually high current, you may have a maintenance issue on your hands.  Getting repair work done may be the right choice for you in this scenario, to prevent internal damage that may be irreparable down the road.

It is worth ensuring that your PD Blower is up kept properly.  We at Blocker and Wallace understand that disruptions to your day to day business operations can have significant consequences, and that is why we have been a trusted name in industrial and manufacturing repair for over 27 years.

If you are interested in contacting the repair professionals here at Blocker & Wallace, we would be happy to help. Blocker & Wallace Service performs FREE blower evaluations including a detailed blower inspection & a detailed formal repair quote with failure analysis and damaged sustained. All rebuilt equipment receives a 1-year warranty from build date.


  • Should You Repair or Replace Your Positive Displacement Blower?
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