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How Can A Truck Blower Silencer Work For You?

Truck blowers are revolutionizing the way we transport goods. Pumping sand, gravel, cement, or powder got incredibly convenient in the industry with their help. Pd blowers are a huge resource to truckers looking to transport materials and help automate the process with ease. Along with the blower, another great product that works hand-in-hand is the truck blower silencer. Silencers not only muffle the sounds of the internal working pump, but they also lessen the vibrations that occur within the cylinder. This is important to the life of the truck blower because along with a quieter running motor it adds life to the components within it. Less movement and wear on the parts, mean less room for error. This way a blower is not as hard on itself and will last much longer.

How Do They Do It?

Blower Silencers come in many shapes and varieties. The blower size and gear diameter must be analyzed to obtain the optimum decibel and pulsation control. Silencers work on two conditions: They must have sufficient air flow volume, and they must be the correct design. Two basic types of silencers are reactive types and chamber absorption types. Each achieves similar outcomes but the variety of inlet silencers vary.

Reactive Type

Reactive silencers have cross-sectional discontinuities. This design physically deflects the sound back towards the source. At its core, the silencer contains a series of multiple expansion chambers with interconnecting tubes connecting to them. This specific silencer often treats lower-frequency pulsations. This is one of the most basic designs but probably seen the most often. It does a decent job of deadening the sound by forcing the sound waves. However, this will not take care of the mid to high-range frequencies. For added protection, try another type of silencer.

Chamber Absorption Type

The dissipative type or “absorption” inlet silencer works on a more sophisticated technology. This is where acoustical pack sections treat the higher frequency pulsations inside the chamber. The energy within the chamber caused by these vibrations is absorbed and then converted into a heat energy. This muffles the sound and also deadens the force of the vibration, protecting the inner-workings within the blower. This is a more efficient silencer for extending the quality and life of the truck blower.

The Benefits of Deadening Pulsations

Silencers not only will provide peace to your neighborhood, but they also provide peace of mind to the user. Truck blowers are a heavy-duty piece of machinery and maintenance for them is crucial. Providing equipment that can physically “deaden the blow” of itself can not only add life to the blower; it can elongate the time between routine maintenance. Part of the reason blowers need work is because of the pulsations reverberating up the inner-workings of the chamber. This can be harsh on the interior, therefore a silencer can soften the blow of the vibration. This will take away some of the noise, but more importantly, some of the force behind the blower.

If you are looking to operate a quality blower and provide sufficient care for it, invest in a truck blower silencer for your equipment. You will be utilizing the convenience and power of your blower, without sacrificing the quality of work. A silencer can answer many needs for you and your blower. Order one today to extend the life of your truck blower, and also obtain some peace and quiet.

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