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RBS RVS Robox Blowers

Gardner Denver tri lobe blowers, compressors, and vacuum pumps for dry bulk material handling and gas, bio gas applications.  Looking for a precision machined highly efficient vacuum pump or blower designed for industrial applications? Look no further, the robuschi KRVS, RVS liquid ring pumps and RBS positive displacement blowers offer the efficient performance and quality you deserve.  The resourceful design of the liquid ring and RBS blowers produce a range of pressures and vacuum rates at varying capacities.  Units were designed for almost any dry bulk transfer application including conveying, flour, sand, cement, lime, plastics, dry bulk transfer systems plastics, gas handling, and bio-gas systems.  The Robox line offers is a pre-packaged positive displacement blower package for vacuum and pressure application. Robox exhauster systems are for gas exhauster systems providing 28 inches of mercury and up to 6,200 cfm air flow. The Robox’s’ compact innovative design offers almost silent operation using a patented tri-lobe vacuum pump.
Liquid Ring: RVS and KRVS 
Vacuum up to; 33Mbar (abs)
Capacity; 4,200 m3/h
RBS Series vacuum pumps and blowers:
Pressures to; 15.0 PSIG
Vacuum to; 15” HG 
Airflow to; 14,570 CFM 
ROBOX Evolution DV packages 
Perfect for you industry  
 Industry Application 
Cement and lime fluidization conveying 
Chemical vacuum processing and conveying 
Waste water aeration and back washing 
 vacuum excavationpotholing and slurry recovery 

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