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Synthetic Oil Lubricants That'll Save Your Pneumatic Blower

Choosing the right lubricant is a crucial part of maintaining your pneumatic blower. Pneumatic truck blowers are a heavy-duty piece of machinery and require care from time to time. There are many parts to the truck blowers, and the inner workings of how they operate can be complicated. Each style of blower works in a unique way, and each brand is slightly different than the other in manufacturing. One need that each blower has in common is they all require a special lubricant or grease to make sure each inner channel has sufficient lubrication.

Lubricants are critical because they can overall add life to your pneumatic blower or vacuum. AEON PD Synthetic lubricants are specially designed to work with your vacuum pump or positive displacement blower. This synthetic oil quart is specially formulated to use in your displacement blower and is industrial grade. Synthetic oil is a custom blend of hydrocarbon oil. It provides maximum protection for your truck blower. Free of harsh chemicals and up to OSHA standards, AEON PD is compatible with most seal materials.  

Mineral Oil is a Thing of the Past

Grab a synthetic oil quart from Blocker & Wallace and get a lubricant that truly gets you your return on investment. Not only does synthetic oil provide you longer service life, but it’s better for the environment as well. This means less replacement oil and fewer oil changes, which is more money in your wallet over time. AEON PD also reduces oil disposal costs, giving you peace of mind and saving you a lot of time getting rid of waste.

The advanced chemistry behind AEON PD will also extend your blower life significantly. The corrosion and oil-water separation inhibitors protect the bearing, giving your blower quality protection. The rust/oxidation inhibitors improve overall performance, as well as the anti-foam additives. AEON PD is also better at maintaining viscosity at higher temperatures. Unlike the high water content that is in most mineral oils, synthetic oil lasts about four times longer, eliminating the need for seasonal oil changes. Synthetic oil is still able to provide optimal lubrication in extremely high or low temperatures.

Extend the Life of Your Positive Displacement Blower

Moving to a synthetic oil is the better choice for your PD truck blower. Providing high-quality lubrication that maintains viscosity and holds up against extreme temperatures is sure to provide your displacement blower with the proper maintenance it needs. Efficiently operate your Drum, HeliFlow, Gardner Denver, Sutorbilt, or DuroFlow unit today. In the most extreme working conditions, Blocker & Wallace has the health of your blowers and accessories in mind. Shop today and save money and resources by getting quality equipment that lasts for years to come.


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