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Universal Paper Filter Element #81-0471

Item # 81-0471

Universal 81-0471 Paper Filter Element with rubber molded end caps to provide optimum sealing.
Used on Universal Silencer Models:
CCS-1/14, CCS-1-1/2,  CCS-2
CCF-1/14, CCF-1-1/2,  CCF-2

Universal 81-0471 Replacement Paper Filter Element
The Universal 81-0471 filter element is a heavy duty industrial strength paper element that provides extreme filtration efficiency. The Universal 81-0471 filter element provides industrial Plastisol Mold as end retainers, which provide optimal surface area per given size, along with galvanized expanded metal for outer retainer, and a galvanized wire screen for an Inner retainer. Universal Filter Elements provide up to a 2 micron nominal efficiency rating at 99.5%+. The 81-0471 Universal filter element features pleated paper media to provides High Dirt Holding Capacity in harsh operating environments.  The industrial plastisol molded endcaps provide optimal surface area per given size.
Universal 81-0471 Filter Element dimensions:
4.25" Inside Dimension  
6" Outside Dimension 
2.5" Height
Filter Element Media:  industrial strength pleated  paper 
Universal 81-0471 Filter Element Specifications and dimensions:
Inside Dimension: 4.25” 
Outside  Dimension: 6” 
Height: 2.5” 
Materials of Construction: Heavy duty industrial strength paper surrounded by heavy gage galvanized expanded metal.
Operating Temperature:  (continuous): min -15°F(-26°C) max 200°F (93°C)
Suggested change out differential: 10"-15" H2O Over initial delta P 
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