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55 Gal. Drum: AEON PD-XD Synthetic Blower Oil

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55 Gal. Drum of AEON PD-XD Synthetic Blower Oil

Aeon PD-XD synthetic oil is industrial grade oil specifically formulated for use in PD blowers & vacuum pumps. Aeon PD-XD Synthetic oil is the factory recommended gear and bearing lubricant for Sutorbilt, CycloBlower, Drum, HeliFlow, TriFlow, & DuroFlow units.  Extended service life; Aeon PD-XD last up to 4 times longer than most mineral based oils which decreases servicing intervals, disposal costs & is better for the environment. Aeon PD-XD is a synthetic hydrocarbon based oil with a custom blend of additives to increase corrosion protection and retain viscosity in the most demanding environments including high temperature applications. Aeon PD-XD provides superior water and oil separation and contains anti-foaming additives to extend blower life. Aeon PD-XD is the PD blower oil of choice for the most demanding applications operating environments.

55 Gal. Drum: AEON PD Synthetic Blower Oil 
55 gallons = 7040 oz.
AEON PD-XD has the highest viscosity offered by Gardner Denver for Extreme Duty applications
Designed specifically for high ambient and high discharge temperature conditions

 *Please reference the product brochures & technical specifications for additional information.

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