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AEON 9000SP Oil

Item # 28H109

5 Gallon pail of AEON® 9000SP Synthetic Lubricant & Coolant for Rotary Screw Air Compressors. Use factory recommended AEON® lubricant to maintain your air compressor 

AEON® 9000SP Compressor Oil

  • Superior Protection for rotary screw air compressors 
  • Synthetic Lubricant and Coolant – for rotary screw air compressors         
  • AEON 9000SP is a PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE (multifunctional synthetic ester) synthetic blend tested and proven to provide optimum operating and service life results.          
  • A highly quality blend formulated to withstand high temperatures, varnish/sludge formation, and environmental contamination.       
  • A unique additive package designed specifically to maximize compressor efficiency and provide optimum lubricity.      
  • Superior service-life in the most rugged operating environments.         
  • Superior thin-film protection for compressor internal components.          
  • Extended service life to 8,000 hours (Recommended service intervals depend on (1) clean ambient conditions, (2) filter and separator changes as required in compressor service and operating manual, and (3) “normal” compressor temperature conditions. NOTE: Laboratory analysis of compressor fluids should be used to determine lubricant service life), reduces downtime and disposal costs.          
  • Superior oxidation stability vs. other competitive brands.          
  • Completely demulsible - separates quickly, reduces condensate disposal costs.          Minimizes oil carryover, reduces costs.          
  • Compatible with all common air system seals.          
  • High flash point improves your safety margin.         
  • Non-hazardous, disposable with mineral-based compressor lubricants
Container size: 5 Gallon pail 
ISO Viscosity Grade: 46 
Pour Point F/C ASTM D97: - < -65/-54  
Pour Point F/C ASTM D92: - 500/260  
Demulsibility ASTM D1401: - 40/40/0 (<1min.)  
Color: Lilac  
HMIS Hazard ID Flammability: 1   
                              Handling: B   
                              Health: 0   
                              Reactivity: 0
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