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HeliFlow Positive Displacement Blowers

HeliFlow integrates proven experience with blower design and manufacturing techniques to create an innovative helical tri-lobe blower. The tri-lobe design of this positive displacement blower reduces pulsations lowering noise for applications that require quiet operation.

With over 150 years of design engineering and manufacturing technology, the HeliFlow line provides reliability and continued innovation to improve the efficiency of many industries. Below lists the advantages and benefits of HeliFlow blowers:

  • More energy efficient, requires less horsepower to operate when compared to the competition.
  • Reduced Pulsations 
  • Dual splash oil lubrication 
  • Low noise due to the Tri lobe rotor design.
  • Higher Reliability with over oversized spherical bearings to greatly increase overhung load limitations.
Upgrade and replace your Roots RCS Blower to an industry leading Heliflow blower.
  • Heliflow 825 is an ideal replacement unit for the Roots 824 RCS blowers.
  • Replace your Roots 817 RCS PD blower with a HeliFLow 817 blower and start saving money today.
  • The Roots 616 RCS drop in replacement blower is a HeliFlow 616 blower. 
HeliFlow Provides: 
- Pressures to 15 psig   
- Vacuum to 16” Hg 
- Airflow to 3200 cfm 
- 24/30 Warranty 


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