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Lubricants: T5CDL Series

AEON PD Synthetic Lubricants are specifically formulated for positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps. AEON PD is recommended for T5CDL CycloBlower Truck blowers & other PD blowers manufactured by Gardner Denver.  AEON PD Synthetic Lubricants provide maximum protection for demanding operating conditions in any environment or application. AEON PD Synthetic Lubricants are custom blended, synthetic hydrocarbon (polyalphaolefin) based oils which typically last up to 4 times longer than mineral oils operating under the same conditions. AEON PD Lubricants have a higher viscosity index and lubricate equipment more efficiently than mineral oils. AEON PD superior oil/water separation and corrosion inhibitors protect bearings and extend blower life significantly. Rust and oxidation inhibitors, and anti-foam additives provide improved performance a decrease the possibility of rust built up due to water intrusion.  Numerous Blends of AEON PD lubricants were precisely formulated to suite a variety application.  AEON PD XD high temperature oil is specifically formulated to retain oil viscosity in high ambient / discharge temperature applications. , AEON PD FG food grade oil is specifically blended for food grade applications. AEON PD-FG Food Grade complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 requirements for lubricants with the possibility of incidental food contact. If you have any questions about our AEON PD Synthetic Lubricants please contact us today!



Aeon PD Advantages:

  • Longer service life & improved performance
  • Cost savings using AEON PD  vs. Mineral oils
  • Fewer oil changes and less replacement oil
  • Less down time + higher productivity
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced oil disposal costs
  • Better for the environment

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