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What is Splash Lubrication?

General Definition of Splash Lubrication

So, what is splash lubrication? Splash lubrication is defined as being a method used to reduce friction by lubricating parts of a machine. This regulates the system’s temperature allowing it to operate at greater efficiencies. The splash lubrication method is being incorporated in a lot of new machines manufactured today.

How is Splash Lubrication Used?

Splash lubrication is commonly used in smaller engines. More specifically, this technique is used in lawnmower and outboard boat engines or motors that have sufficient amounts of oil in the trough to fully lubricate the machine.

Due to the benefits of splash lubrication, many of our lines of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps also utilize this process including our DuroFlow and Sutorbilt blowers. These PD blowers are manufactured with an oil slinger that dips into a reservoir filled with oil. As the gears rotate in the blower, the oil is then splashed upon them, hence the term, splash lubrication.

It is common for blowers to utilize splash lubrication in both the gear and drive ends of the machine. This method is called dual-splash lubrication and gives the machine an even longer product life.

When is Splash Lubrication Most Effective?

Splash lubrication is most efficient when suitable oil is used. Many experts recommend using oil or lubricants specifically formulated for positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps. We recommend using AEON PD Synthetic Oil because it is designed with custom blended, synthetic hydrocarbon-based oils that last up to 4 times longer than other oils. This formula ensures that your oil is always pure and your blower is operating at maximum efficiency.

We have an excellent selection of premium PD blowers that utilize splash lubrication to ensure they always run with maximum efficiency for an extended duration of time. Shop now for dual-splash lubricated PD blower or AEON PD Synthetic Oil! If you have any questions about our blowers or synthetic lubricants, please contact us today.


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